CD printing problems?

Someone recently told me that there is a problem with inkjet printers ink on the proper cd media.
He stated that when a cd would accidentally get wet the ink would run. Even though the ink had been dry for at least a few hours.
I’m thinking of buying an Epson printer that prints on cds.
But don’t want to waste my money if I’m going to have that type of problem with the ink.
Can anybody give me some advice?

I’ve a Epson R200 for 1½ year now and haven’t had any problem with it making “original” like prints on my CD/DVD discs. It has 6 ink cartridges that last for quite a while.
I see right now newegg has the Epson R320 for just under $110 after MIR.

Don’t know what “someone” was up to telling you this because it’s not true. Using propper printable media, the ink is almost dry when print finished. It’s recommended though to let ink dry for a few hours before handling.

If you don’t want to waste money on LightScribe or LabelFlash, this is the way to go.

Happy burning.

Agree with pinto2 i hadn’t problems too with my R300.

I haven’t had any problems with my R320 but i’ve never got them wet to see.

jr your friend is correct on the running problem, the R2XX/3XX series do not use waterproof inks. The quality of printing is brilliant but don’t get them wet.

Thanks to all.
Any way of getting waterproof ink or sealing the printing?

no disrespect…but do your cd’s often get wet? If it’s a camp party or a kegger…some blanks burned not expected to live the party and a sharpie…:slight_smile:

Sealing can be done with spray. Though I have to go with Zig how often are you likely to get your CD wet.

AS to ink I think the R800 has the waterproof ink, though if you search you will find a thread where someone explained which one did, I just can’t remember which thread it was in.

Again, thanks.
And you’re right. My cd’s don’t often get wet.
Thanks for the help.

hope we helped…and you are very welcome…:slight_smile: