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Due to the fact that my car stereo hates CDs with stick-on labels, and the fact that I love the CD disc graphics that are available for many of my Genesis bootlegs (afraid I dated myself there), I’m looking into an ink-jet printer designed to print on CDs. I’ve googled around and found that the most inexpensive (can’t say cheapest at $349.99USD) is based on an Epson printer. I hate Epson printers, because they always clog and their color cartridges are 3-in-1 instead of separate like Canons and some HPs. Does anyone know of a Canon or HP inkjet printer, under $400USD, using separate color cartridges, that can be adapted to print on CDs?


The Captain

Spend the extra bux to get a printer that is actually designed to print on CDs rather than one that’s been “converted”. I had a Primera Signature III that I picked up as a factory refurb (with 1 year warranty) direct from Primera. It cost $600 (new was $1,200 at the time). It did a great job, but no matter how you slice it, inkjet still smears and smudges. One bright spot: has a “quickdry photocoat” CDR blank that resists all smudging. I had a sample to work with, and it really did a good job; basically a “glossy label” adhered very tightly to the disc. No worries about this thing ever peeling. Expensive at $0.80 per, but a very nice looking result. Not a “diamond” bottom though.

I sold it about 4 months ago after picking up a Primera Inscripta thermal CD printer. No full-color discs, but the thermal printing works on a large variety of “regular” CD media (not all though, so testing is mandatory; I found out the hard way that the 2-color ribbons have a different wax/resin ratio than the monochrome ribbons, and are thus more tempermental as to what media will work; best results are with screen coated discs as opposed to spun coated). 2 brands of inexpensive media that work well with the Inscripta: Spin-X truesilver (Office Depot), Verbatim Datalife (unbranded white top, Sam’s Club).

An expensive printer at $2,500. I picked up a factory refurb for $1,400.


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I love the CD disc graphics that are available for many of my Genesis bootlegs

I’m a huge fan of Genesis, too . :wink:

And here’s my most favorite :


I’d never seen that advert before. Only real (Rael?) fans keep stuff like that for almost 30 years.