CD prices: Should record labels charge less?

From me, they will not get any more money until they lower the prices to an acceptable level AND stop their copy-protection nonsense! (And then, of course, I will only buy those CDs that I find worth the money they charge for them.) And, by the way, it is not that I am copying CDs or downloading music; I haven’t copied ANY music since I stopped buying CDs, and I have NEVER EVER visited any of those file-sharing services (but if it makes you feel any better to say that you do not believe me, then feel free to do so)–so don’t let anyone claim that these phenomena are to blame for their losing me as a customer!

just this week i have ordered what will probably be the last 4 cds i will buy as long as they kepp copy protecting CDs. i have been meaning to get these CDs since i first downloaded a few of the tracks off them. the reason is obvious quality and quality is what is getting lost when they copy protect their CDs. there is no point in me buying degraded audio when i can get the same stuff for free online

Alien_X, Good for you. Those 4 CDs you bought just helped the RIAA fuck you in the ass just a little more. I hope it feels good to know the money you gave them is going to develop copy protection, sue college students and buy legislation that limits your freedom. The people that buy from the RIAA are the real problem.

actually they are from a small uk indie record company that dont even sell in the US