CD prices: Should record labels charge less?

I just posted the article CD prices: Should record labels charge less?.

Ze used our newssubmit to tell us that CNN features an article that talks about something almost every consumer wants: Lower CD prices.

The article tells us the explanation (That doesn’t really…

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But that’s part of what this whole file sharing epidemic is about. We’re not willing to pay those high prices and buy every CD that has one good song on it.

I’m surprised someone has actually stated what we’ve all known since the early days of the record industry… ‘…yez r bein’ robbed!!!". I have to agree with ‘chsbiking’ and say that the file sharing and copying of CD’s has its roots right at the heart of this problem. The vast majority of folk would pay a reasonable sum for CD’s if they contained at least six or seven good tracks and not just the paltry one, if any. By a reasonable sum I mean up to £9 for the ‘better’ artists and as low as a fiver for the dross. This means a profit can still be made because more discs would actually be sold. I don’t blame anyone for downloading music they feel they’d listen to regularly but is overpriced. When I personally buy an original CD it has to be exceptional and they are few and far between and never do I buy this artificial popstar crap. I believe in real artists who have EARNED their dosh through years of work and giving something back to their fans (and I don’t just mean an odd concert every 3 months!!!) So let’s continue in the file sharing game until some fat cat says ‘Hey, they’ve got a point there… let’s reduce prices!!!’. We do dream don’t we? :7

That doesn’t really make sence way to spell sense

fb- hasn’t visited yet, so on their behalf I say… Boycott the RIAA :slight_smile:

Here’s the link to the original article, Good read

I’d buy a lot more CD’s if they were about $5 a pop.

Kind of flies in the face of their previous arguments that CD’s cost a lot due to promotion, development & production costs. Older bands cost Zero to promote…Zero to develop …and we all know the cost of transferring digital files to CD’s. Boycott the RIAA

$20 bux for a CD huh? Fuck em… I’d rather buy a DVD for that money… Average music CD is 74 mins… And only pleases your sense of sound… While a DVD is about an average of 2 hours long and pleases your sense of sight and sound! Best of all, you can find DVD’s for a lot less than a CD… SO please explain again why CD’s costs so much? Ohh the RIAA needs the money to hunt down the kid using his mommy and daddys’ computer to download MP3’z! True Idiots and thats why I will never buy a ligit CD again! Ill buy the bootleg first and then download MP3’s… Dont get me wrong, I have original CD’s but BOYCOTT the RIAA!

It is not “should CD prices be lower?” it is if the RIAA wants to prevent piracy or contain it they have to lower prices, period.

Forget music prices - first the music will have to be worth something!!! Music around at the moment - I wouldn’t waste my bandwidth, and I’ve got cablemodem!

There’s always good music, you just have to find it. Why doesn’t somebody code something like the recommendation engine from KaZaA (Just the recommendation engine plz)?? For now you will just have to look on the www for suggestions.

I went to my local Disc Jockey Store(now called FYE). I went to buy the new DOWN: DownII cd. I saw a price tag of $19.99, $HIT thats too much, it’s bad ass music. But I’m not made of money. And there is no way the record “folk” need that money. They don’t support anybody except Britney Spheres, N’ Sink, or the Back Seat Boys. So I did the next best thing. I supported KaZaa lite. Listen to to your customers i own over 700 music cds, cause prices used to be better. Now that the RIAA want to pave thier drive ways in gold. I got me a 24x speed Plextor and a cable modem. Kiss off RIAA. Listen to your customers not your Hollywood status. :8

Single CD €7.50 Double CD €11,- :slight_smile:

i have about 1300 cd’s i have bought bought 1 new cd (big lebowski soundtrack) in the last 2 1/2 years. and 3 in the last 3 1/2 years. i will not pay the prices they demand, if cds were around 8.99 i would definitely buy again, but it will never happen. so if i need a cd just buy used for $5-7 us dollars that way it doesnt get back to the ever so greedy music industry. thank god for irc & newsgroups they will always be there. if you want an easy way to get access to large amounts of mp3’s that are “always there” check out i subscribe for $10 a month or per 6 (really 8)GB. their web interface archives any posted binary music for up to 50 days & the newsgroups are yet quite active. anyways, i laff watching the music industry kill themselves with their greed.

For the most part Cd’s are ridiculously overpriced, but it has to be looked at objectively. I don’t mind(well not as much) paying £15 for a cd made by a small record label as this probably is more reprasentaive of how much it costs them, however huge record labels have no excuse, not that most of the shit they put out is worth buying anyway with the likes of britney, the back passage boys and so on :r

Boycott the RIAA.

Thanks fb-, I already thought you left me in the cold :wink:

My music tastes are broad spectrun…but if some of these “arteests” didn’t have these conglomerates behind them they would be hard pressed giving their shitty music away…and so much for encouraging new talent…:7

I think we all know why CDs are so overpriced. It takes millions of $ to idiots to develop and promote crap. They dont want good musicians because they have demands and they change labels while without all that money going to radiostations to play the same 5 songs 15 times a day all those boy-girl-bands are finished