CD plays but some tracks won't rip

I’m trying to back up a cd. The first 15 tracks rip, but media player and other ripping software stall at 70% on track 16 and won’t even start ripping 17. I guess there is something wrong with the disk. However, the tracks PLAY perfectly. What i need is software that can rip these last 2 tracks to MP3 or WAV, real time as the track is played rather than in just a few seconds. Can you advise?



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Try CDex in “Full Paranoia” mode. Exact Audio Copy is another option, you could try with that in “Secure Mode”.

It also helps if your drive is a tolerant reader. Most LiteOn drives are, and recent Samsungs too.

I tend not to rip tracks whilst they’re playing.

This is a new mode for me to hear about. Now can we have a rip the DVD in “Full Paranoia” mode too? :smiley:

LOL :bigsmile:

Just because you only think they’re after you doesn’t mean they’re not. :slight_smile:

How many [B]sessions[/B] does that source disk have??