CD Players with MP3 playback


Recently I’ve been shopping for a CD player with MP3 playback but have found very little on the market. As a result, I bought 2 DVD players with MP3 playback capability, but both have started skipping on MP3 CDRs (even freshly burned ones) and have pitifully few options for MP3 (such as shuffle play, folder navigation, etc).

Does anyone else listen to MP3 CDRs at home? If so, what do you use? I’ve got a portable MP3 player, a boombox, and of course, the computer, but I can’t find a decent CD or DVD player to use for MP3 playback through my sound system (no TV attached).

Ideally this console would have some basic functions such as shuffle play and file and folder text displays. Also multiple format playback such as mp3, no problems handling VBR mp3s, wav playback, and the ability to read these files off both CDRs and DVDRs.

Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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You could get a good sound card for your computer and hook it up with your stereo. Otherwise, a DVD player seems the best solution, I’m sure they’ll let you test them in the store with your mp3 CD-Rs and find out if they can play them or not. Only discmans, micro Hi-Fis and the likes support mp3 CDs, if you already have some more serious sound system, then it’s unlikely that you’ll find a stand alone CD player with mp3 support. Those are more tuned towards quality for audiophiles (that excludes mp3 support), in general, DVD players took the place of CD players, even for listening to Audio CDs. As far as I know any DVD player should play them, but I actually use my PC. If your computer is in the same room where you want to be listening to music, then I see no reason why you shouldn’t use it to play mp3s, of course, through a good sound card as I already mentioned.

Either the CD media was not that good or they were burned too fast, I think.