CD players losing spark as DVD mania grows - CD becomes old

I just posted the article CD players losing spark as DVD mania grows - CD becomes old.

If you have been in computer technology for a long time you probably remember the first CD-ROM players. The CD could hold hundreds of times more then a floppy and the possibilities seemed endless…

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If people are switching to DVD stand-alone players for their CDs, then there will be problems with those who end up buying Copy Protected/crippled Audio CDs. Oops. I bought a DVD-ROM drive in August for €39 while visiting the US. It plays DVDs, reads at 16x (after firmware update) and does everything else except write :wink:

Well, then, when will it be time when my 1.5 speed Caddy-loaded CD-ROM drive is a collector’s item? Probably never, it is worth about .50 cents scrap value.

The most important thing is the sound quality. If we buy DVD-Audio and end up with the same sound quality as original CD, then it’s not worth it.

lol Sound Quality Interesting Is the quality of the CD itself or the recording burnt onto it. Audio CD are uncompressed how can you beat that for quality. I think the real question is Quality or Quantity