CD-player will soon bite the dust as DVD mania keeps growing

I just posted the article CD-player will soon bite the dust as DVD mania keeps growing.

Home CD-players are loosing their spark and are slowly falling prey to the growing popularity of the DVD-player. This news will of course not come as a surprise since DVD-players are getting…

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For me a dvd player without the option to record directly what is broadcasted (like a vhs player) is crap. Gräfdig P.s: And I said FOR ME :wink:

Well look what its competeing with? VHS and CD? Store alot more info with better quality at the same size…

GrefdigGloner - you’d better get yourself a Philips DVDR880 or 890 then! I know where you can pickup an 880 (which can even be made multi-region with a handset hack) for £370 including VAT and carriage. What a bargain! Where? :slight_smile:

Youed have to be pretty serios about copying tv programs to go to DVD , right now its hardly practical, the old VCR is fine for general TV taping.

Doesn’t everyone just Tivo their old shows now?

DVD-players are getting cheaper and can function as both a movie and a music disc player
Except when you have been buying copy-protected cd’s from e.g. Sony or BMG of course, which will simply refuse to work on your DVD-player. But hey, don’t worry, the solution is right there! You can simply buy the same album another time on DVD-audio later on. That way you are even helping those poor record companies-executives’ children from having to starve to death! :r

Someday, there will be one box below the ‘TV’ or what ever is used to display the picture: A PC :slight_smile: At present, with the exception of beginner/novice users, the PC can do just about anything with TV such as record, playback DVDs, display TV, tune in Radio, play CDs, etc. (assuming you have the right hardware). All one would need some day is just the PC, a monitor/projector/HDTV, Speaker system and some portable media player for traveling with. ;9