Cd player help/suggestions needed

here’s my situation:
i have a laptop. the cd-audio cable is hooked up to the internal sound card. the internal sound card sucks. i bought an excellent pcmcia audio device. i can not play audio cds with new sound card because of internal cd-audio cable. i’ve been using a replacement cdfs.dll, which allows me to open audio cds as wav files in a plethora of bit/sample rates in any application. i’ve been opening them up in winamp for playing. what i want is an application that has all the bells and whistles of a good cd player, like cddb access and the use of cdplayer.ini(the afforementioned playback method only lists the tracks as ‘track 01’, etc.), but it has to read the tracks as wav files, or at least bypass the internal cd-audio cable, thus allowing playback on any available ‘wav’ device. does any such player exist?
thanks in advance,

so, 42 people have read this, and not ONE can help?

I don’t know about such a program, but I know that if you are using Windows 2000 or XP, you can enable digital audio playback.
Windows reads the tracks from the CD and sends the digital data directly to your soundcard.

Maybe time to upgrade the OS?

thanks for the info. too bad there are no 2k/xp drivers for my sound card yet(though a fix is in the works).