CD player Auto Cue problems

Hi there. Hope this is the right forum…maybe someone knows the answer out there.
With two different (double) DJ-style CD players, I experience irregularities when using the auto-cue function with homemade CD’s.

Specifically, two things. Occasionally, a skip in the middle of a song, but more constantly, a failure to mute as the unit locates the start of the next track and cues up to pause. This results in a little “blip” (the first few milliseconds of the next track) being played out the speakers before the pause is engaged.

It seems to be a problem that has to do with the CD’s, not the player, since it happens across manufacturer lines. Maybe they’re not burnt deeply enough? Maybe there’s something different in the encoding, I am not aware of? I’ve changed lots of parameters, to little avail.

what I do know is that it’s not a problem with storebought Cd’s, or with CD’s burnt many years ago on a slow, old-fashioned (Yamaha) burner. I suspect that the new, faster burners are at fault, but even when burning at 4x I still get problems.

Anyone experience something like this? Maybe someone can recommend a good burner which eliminates this problem?

Thanks in advance. I use this function in the theatre all the time, so a solution would make a huge difference.


I thought this is why people are waiting for the Plextor Premium 2. Ebay is the only place I have seen it in the stateside so far. :slight_smile: