CD Player 1983

Still going strong, one of the first CD players on the market, I purchased this in the Autumn of 1983!

MIJ too :cool:

Nice, very nice.

My first cd player was a TEAC CDP-1100 back from 1997 if my memory serve me well.

Hehe, my first was a Teleton one that I got second-hand in 1988. Lasted about ten years though, until I was forced to retire it (took it for repair and they told me the parts weren’t available anymore :sad: ).

I used it like constantly though, hooked up to various hi-fi’s (it was a standalone CD player)…I was a CD fiend back then :eek:

My teac still works fine, but i don’t use it any more.

Very nice vintage CD player. :bow::bow::bow: I especially like the “location indicator”.
Does it play CD-Rs?

Yes it does play CD-Rs.
Notice that location indicator only goes up to 60 minutes, that was the maximum length of CDs in the early days, now I think it’s about 80 minutes.
Also in Autumn 1983 there were very limited titles available on CD, I think the first couple of CDs I bought were Elton Johns greatest hits and Dire Straits Love over Gold.
When the Dire Straits ‘Love over Gold’ CD was released I remember it being hammered by the critics for the excessive ‘tape hiss’.
This is very noticeable on the track ‘Private Investigations’.
Nevertheless still a great album! :iagree: