CD Playback Speed

When I download songs to make a compilation CD, all of the songs play perfectly while still on my PC. Occasionally, however, once I have burned the songs onto a CD-R one of the songs will play very fast (like Chipmunks). It’s happening to about one song on every 2 or 3 CDs I burn. Any thoughts on what might be causing this? TIA

Software you are using ?
writer ? / speed ?
firmware of writer ? (an unlikely cause. but get the latest anyways)

try to play the CD in your pc, or try another cd player.
try to burn at a lower speed.
try different media.

Thanks so much for your reply. Here’s some info about what hardware and software I have.

CD software is-----NTI CD-Maker , File CD version 5.0(N)
CD-RW Drive---- It has no name anywhere , just 16x10x40 CD-RW Drive but it has the NTI CD-Maker 2000 software in it’s instructions
Maximum speed—16x

I’ve played the CD on my PC and other players and the song is fast on all players. I usually burn at 8x but have backed off to 4x and still have the same problem. I did mix up the order of the songs on a second try at burning. This time the song that was originally too fast was OK and a different song was too fast. But the song that was too fast on both burns was the number 18 track. Would that mean that my problem is the CD-Rs I’m using?

to be honest i dont really know.
but to eliminate the easy solutions try to change a few variables.

for example, change the media, try another brand of CDR.
i have never used NTI, so i am not familiar with any of the settings/requirments.

try another peiece of software…Nero is good.
get it from Here

Thanks again. I will try your suggestions. I’ve been reading good things about Nero and wanted to try it anyway. Wish me luck!!!