CD Playback is slow

Good evening! I’m hoping someone here can give me some help. I have a combo Pioneer dvd-rw dvr-k16d in my Sony Vaio laptop. For the past few months the CD player has begun to play cds at a very slow rate. It burns fine and DVDs play fine too. I can’t recall any specific event that would cause such an issue (such as downloading software, etc.). What could be the culprit that’s causing this problem? I’ve been several places with no luck so far at an answer. Can someone give me some steps to take to see how to fix the problem? Is there a patch or firmware that addresses this? Thanks for all your help. Hope to hear from someone soon. This looks like an awesome place for information!

by CD’s do you mean audio CD’s or data ones?
IF DVD’s are fine then your drive is fine, so it could be the discs themselves, have a look underneath the disc and see if they have any scratches on them or need a good clean. Also try a mix of different types of CD’s (original, audio, CD-R etc.) and see if there is just one type it does not like.

Thanks, Petera. I meant audio CD’s. I’ve tried a variety of CDs and they all play slow (commercial CDs, my own burned CDs, etc.). I’ve played them on my stereo and car and they play fine. Could it be a processor problem? I have 2 GB processor and 2 GB Ram, so I wouldn’t think that would be it. It’s very frustrating.

I doubt it’s a processor problem as 10 year old PC’s can play audio CD’s.
I would try some other CD player software and see if that solves the problem.

I won’t recommend any as I’ll be flamed for not picking something else but there are hundreds out there if you google, or if you have Nero ShowTime or even PowerDVD installed they will play CD’s as well!

I’m having a similar problem with the same Pioneer dvd-rw dvr-k16d, but with DVD’s. If I try and play a DVD (film) on my laptop, through VAIO Zone, WMP, Realplayer etc. then the video and audio is stuttered and appears to lag (although they remain in-synch.)
Oddly, I have no problems when I try to play games using DVDs, but playback on Audio CDs is also stuttered. From what I have read above, am I right in thinking that it might be the drive at fault? I.e. Will I have to get it repaired to fix the problem?

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You need to check your DMA status first as if not correctly set could cause these issues. Check this thread .

The DMA reset tool in my sig is a VB script that you download & run by double clicking on with Explorer if all else fails.

Ah yeah I did that through the windows troubleshooter and it had no effect - plus having gone through it again via the instructions given in that ^ thread it still is set to “DMA if available”.

New drive it is then?

I’ve got a problem that might be similar - i had trouble burning a data dvd, tried several things with my sony vaio and finally got roxio to work - but ever since then, although my pioneer cd/dvd combo can burn and read and play all dvds, it now can’t read any kind of CD whatsover - is there some quick fix or any fix for this problem?

“DMA if available” means nothing. It’s the line below which is “Current Transfer Mode” that’s important. What does this show?

Oh ok sorry, the line below says “Ultra DMA Mode 5”. Just to clarify incase necessary, this is for Device 0. Device 1 is also set to DMA if available and it says that the current transfer mode is “Not Applicable”. I’m not sure what the difference is but just incase there was anything else I was missing, I am here refering to the Primary IDE Channel - though having checked Secondary IDE channel, both device 0 & 1 are set to DMA if available and both say not applicable if that is required information too.
Thanks :slight_smile: .

Anything I can do then? Or is it just off to the shops for a new DVD drive?

did you try the “Reset DMA Tool” in TimC’s signiture?

No optical drive can perform @ ultra DMA mode 5 so I think that is refering to your hard disk. Are no other devices listed in either the Primary or Secondary channels? Try uninstalling ALL channels listed and then restart.

You can also download cddvdspeed and test the transfer rate for both cds and dvds in your drive.

You may not be able to run the transfer rate test with a retail DVD movie. So try and use a recorded dvd.

Both cds and dvds should read back with at least a relatively smooth curve.