CD pirates in from the cold - CD copy kiosks for Aussies



I just posted the article CD pirates in from the cold - CD copy kiosks for Aussies. comes with a rather strange story. According to them there will be kiosks in several large cities that will alow people to copy CDs.

Unfortunately there is not much information…

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Hey Dom, Dont mean to whine but didn’t you guys post this story a while back?


And how many £ is $5AS? Sounds steep to me!


the111 thats about 16 bob…:7


that’s $2.85 US not TOO bad.


There’s one in the Internet/gaming cafe acroos the road from my school!


hah bull dust there crap will not do any protections what so ever use crap burners there just making a big deal out of it because people will use it for anything but forget games or other proggies that are protected they dont do it and dont garrentee to either they just take your 5 bucks and give you a coaster i know because i live in adelaide and theyve been here for some time now and yes there was an earlier report of these before and i posted the same thing then :7