CD password protection for autorun CD




I have created an searchable HTML based archive which enables the HR department of a company search through approx 6,000 PDF’s which contain personal data of employees.

The indexed search engine is working fine and I’ve also created a little autorun script so that when they insert the CD it automatically starts up the search tool on their machine.

However, because the information contained on the CD is highly personal, I need to password protect it so that if it gets lost people can’t access it.

I could quite easily set up a password HTML page but it doesn’t stop someone just viewing the contents of the CD through explorer if they wanted to.

Ideally, I’d like them to put the CD in the drive, a password prompt pop up and then if the password is correct it automatically fires the autorun. It also has to work if people have autorun disabled on their machines.

Anyone help?



Hi GingerR and Welcome:

There is considerable information out there using a basic search engine such as Google. You might want to look at Power2Go although I haven’t used it. There is a 30 day trial.

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Why not encrypt the data using something like PGP then only the people with the password could decrypt it!


heres what you do , install truecrypt.

its free encryption software that allows you to create encrypted volumes,those volumes you can make approx the size of a dvd or cd rom and then burn the encrpyted volume to your media.Also you can use the autoplay feature to auto mount the volume when the disk is inserted it will run off a small .exe file also burned onto the disk so the computer doesnt even need truecrypt installed.I have made many self mounting encrypted dvd’s they are great,you are prompted for a password when the disk is inserted,and you can even hack the autorun to display <your info here> instead of welcome to truecrpyt.PM me if you need more help creating it.



Still working on this - thanks to matix for the nod towards Trucrypt. Someone had already mentioned this. I’m looking into now but have hit this wall:

Trucrypt needs the end-user to either have Trucrypt installed on their machine (which they won’t) or admin privileges on their machine (to enable to “traveler” mode of Trucrypt which then self-runs/extracts on the end machine). As these people are going to be working for a big corporate, it’s unlikely that they will have admin privs or Truecrypt installed.

Is there anyone out there with a simpler solution to this… ??



Could you put the data base into a ZIP archive with a password? I take it it’s the data that needs protecting and not the app.


found this on google:

USB disk portability:

Private Disk’s mobility allows it to be used in conjunction with a broad range of portable media, for instance: USB flash drives, external hard disks, flash memory cards, DVDs, mp3 players or portable media players such as the iPods. This 2Mb disk encryption software can be launched directly from the removable media, without having to be installed on the computer, meaning that you can work safely with your protected data, no matter where you are. The encryption program will automatically invoke the safe hardware removal dialog when you close it – which will protect you from accidental data loss.

[B]Administrative privileges are not required if the program was previously launched by an administrator[/B]. You can find more details