CD Partitioner

Hi, I am looking for software for the PC that will allow me to break up large amounts of data into 650MG to 700MG chunks while keeping all the paths intact. I don’t need to split individual files up. I just need something that will look at say 3.2 GB of data and break it up into CDR size chunks while keeping the same path so when I copy it back, it will all be in the right directories and folders. I do this at work and its very tedious when working with large amounts of data and having to do it manually. Thank you.

It sounds like you are referring to a backup or imaging program that will allow writing to and restoring from CDR.

I would recommend PowerQuest Drive Image if you want to backup an entire partition(s).

If you want to backup selected directories and files, then a file based backup system such as NTI Backup Now should do the job for you.

Either of these programs will automatically span the backup to CDR disks and restore to the original directory.

winoncd 5

WinAce in combination with any cd writing program. Saves cd’s as well.