CD or DVD burner for CD-R burning?

Hello to all!

I have a simple question: Is it true that a CD burner is better for burning CDs than DVD burners?? I actually don’t think its true, since I’ve been burning CDs on my LG 4163 DVD burner for a long time and they seem ok, but I have a SAMSUNG SM-348 laying around, that I might install on my system exclusively for CDs (If it will improve my burnings some way… :rolleyes: ).

Thanks for any input!

Some DVD burners are really good CD burners and some are not so good.

Some CD burners are really good and some are not so good.

The very best CD burns you can get on any drive will probably come from a dedicated high quality CD burner such as e.g. the Plextor PlexWriter Premium or Premium II, but other than that I would say that it all depends on the drive.

You will probably get more improvmenet in burn quality by choosing high-quality CD-R media and burn it a reasonable speed (definitely slower than 52x) than by changing your drive.

This is what I have:

1- LG 4163 DVD (currently in my system)
2- BenQ 1655 DVD (currently in my system)
3- SONY CDRW (don’t know model #, since its not here with me now)
4- SAMSUNG SM-348 (never even installed it…)

So I just thought that maybe I could install the SAMSUNG too… all my CD burning is done with the LG 4163,and I never had any problems.

About media quality, its pretty hard for me to get decent media here where I live, so I just have to deal with it. And look for a burner that can handle very well crap media :eek:

It may be true, but mainly at nitpicky levels. For general, everyday burning, a DVD burner won’t give you any problems when burning CDs.