CD Not Accessible



I have two cd-rw drives (Lite on 32123S & another) and the one says it is not accessible – Incorrect Function. What do I do? I have noticed this since the time that I reinstalled XP…

It seems to work with a CD that is preloaded like my Windows Boot disk and other disk that is an install disk. I don’t think that I have ruined these disk

It only does it with CD-R’s.

What could be the problem that is occuring.



Which cd-rom says disc is not accessable? Brand, model? You say it only does this with cdr’s? Did you check DMA settings? Don’t say and another, tell us your hardware and everything you can.


Just ran into that problem a week ago. I have four new Burners installed, 48x24x48-16, all different brands. I would burn a Cd, and then when later inserting the burned-CD into another CD-drive, the drive was inaccessible. Turned out that the 50-pack CD stack was bad. Changing to another CD-stack made the problems go away