CD name issue


Howdy all !! I have a problem with my Pioneer DVF-727 changer. Is there any way, I am currently using dvdfab Pl, to set the cd title when backing up a disc ?
Sometimes when you buy a dvd off the shelf, it has the title set somewhere, so when you open the cd changer menu to view all loaded discs the name appears.
I can manually add titles once I load the disc into the player, but the problem is after adding several discs and several titles I start getting repeating titles.
Lets say I add … “SAW I”, “SAW II”,“SAWIII”,“SAW IV”, then I add “Batman Begins” and SAW II and SAW III change in the list to “Batman Begins”. So now I have 3 Batman Begins listed in the changers nemu. Not every copy does it and it doesn’t happen every disc either. I reset the changer to delete all titles in the menu thinking that it couldnt remember any more then 330 names, therefore just randomly changeing other discs names for lack of memory, but that didnt help either. Upon inputting titles for the new menu list aftr maybe 30 titles I started getting the repeating, multiple titles again.

My guess is there is a code somewhere on each disc that the changer learns and associates the title already on the disc, or the one I input. So when I input a new name to a disc with a code that has already received a name it changes all subsequent discs that had that code to the newest name.

I hope that makes sence. Anyway, is there a way to alter the DVD CODE to ensure I dont get any repeat numbers, so my changer doesnt repeat titles.