CD Mystery

Can anyone advise me on a matter concerning CDs?

I recently had some C90 audiotapes transferred onto CDs purportedly to the ‘Red Book Standard’ employing a HHB CDR 850 CD writing machine. It was supposedly a straight analogue to digital conversion without any intermediate computer processing.

However when I examined one of the CDs on my PC a window launched labelled ‘Sound Forge’. I cannot recall exactly what I did to trigger the launch, but I was using RealPlayer at the time and was connected to the internet and was variously clicking on properties and the like to examine the CD. I was also clicking on my own burn to disc option. My system is a fairly recently freshly installed copy of Windows XP Pro SP2 on a new hard-drive. I do not have nor ever have had Sound Forge or any other audio processing software on my system. The CDs play OK although they possess anomalies.

I do not understand the technology but I am informed that there could be small files and artefacts as well as the audio tracks on my CDs and perhaps one of those was associated with Sound Forge and was carried across in the writing process and it was launched somehow accidentally?

Does anyone have an opinion as to what occurred and does anyone know how I can launch the same window again or interrogate my CDs to determine what is exactly on them beyond the audio tracks? Try as I might, I cannot repeat what occurred.

Thanking in advance anyone who can assist.

Firstly, if Soundforge opens, then clearly it has been installed on your computer, though not necessarily by you or with your knowledge. (Soundforge is a popular audio editing program.)

Perhaps you right clicked on the icon for the CD and chose some item on that menu that resulted in the launching of Soundforge.

Now this does not necessarily mean that the CDs are not conforming to the Red Book standard. You simply triggered something that causes Soundforge to try to access what’s on the disc. Therefore my feeling is that there’s nothing wrong with your Audio CD and nothing on it related to Sound Forge at all.

To examine the session/track layout of the disc, you can use the the “Disc Info” option in Nero Burning ROM, or use the Disc Information display in Nero InfoTool. If it tells you that there is more than 1 session, then it means that I was wrong and there is likely other data rattling around on the disc.


Thank you for your reply.

Sound Forge didn’t open, just a very simple plain window launched with the words Sound Forge in a right hand column. I have never been able to repeat whatever occurred. My computer is my home PC; there is no possibility that Sound Forge could be on it without my knowledge.

The discs are one session but I am convinced there is something on them connected with Sound Forge that triggered the window to launch, even if it perhaps came from the internet! The material on the CDs is sensitive forensic audio and that is why I am so concerned to resolve the matter.

I have now acquired a programme called CD/DVD Inspector which allows a search of the sectors of the CDs. Unfortunately I do not possess the knowledge to do it, as obviously the CD sectors are in computer code. Can you or anyone else on the forum assist me?

The Red Book specification is not able to indicate anything but audio and it’s related subcode data. If there are no ROM tracks or ROM sessions on your CDs, then there is no way for the audio to be ‘connected’ to Sound Forge.

It is possible that your PC is set up to open certain applications whenever certain types of CDs are put into the drive. You might want to check this out next.

I’m not sure how to use CD/DVD Inspector either, but I can tell you this:

If you rip that CD using Exact Audio Copy (in secure mode) and then re-burn as an audio CD using Nero or whatever CD burning program you’d like to use, then you will be guaranteed to have a CD that is purely Red Book Audio and nothing else.

This process is totally digital with no loss in sound quality at all.

I am investigating a forensic matter. I suspected that the audio on my CDs had been edited of content prior to download, so when I accidentally triggered the Sound Forge pane I could not believe my luck. You will appreciate my despair at never being able to repeat the event.

CD/DVD Inspector indicates that there are small data files present on my CDs but it does not seem that they can be opened or examined in a conventional way. All that seems possible is a sector search. However I do not know what to search for as the sectors are in computer code which I do not understand.

I believe there is a Sound Forge label or tag on my discs, but I need to know what computer code would identify it so that I can perform a search?