Cd mp3 burning and ripping software?

I am looking for a good free or cheap burning and ripping program for cd wav.and
thanks for any help.

For ripping there’s CDex & EAC (which will also burn) & for burning Audio CDs then Burrrn ( would be good. All are free.

EDIT: [B]TimC[/B] just beat me to it as I was researching links.

That’s easy. I’ll even keep it free.

For ripping, the EAC & LAME combo (Exact Audio Copy) enhanced with AccurateRip.

Instructions for setup and use can be found at:

The Coaster Factory
The Essential Ripping Guide for EAC

And for creating Audio CDs, Burrrn.

Alternative Ripper:

CDex Guide

CDex is easier to use and also produces excellent results.


Thanks so much. Any Ideas on on burning of Mp3 I like to put a lot of music on 1 disc.
The mp3 burner seems to be the hardest to find. Can I burn Mp3 with EAC?
Is that only a ripper encoder?

EAC and Burrrn will only create Audio CDs with the files in the .cda format just as they would be on a regular music CD.

If you wish to simply transfer the MP3 or .WAV file to the disc then you can simply burn a data compilation with CDBurnerXP Pro.

Also free.

This data compilation would not play on a music CD player unless the player has MP3 playback capabilities.

Thanks for all your help.