CD Menu Builder 1.0

I just posted the article CD Menu Builder 1.0.

Dede used our newssubmit to tell us that CDMenuBuilder 1.0 is available as freeware…

The program is given now as FREEWARE. Look at the nieuws on this page or give this code:

NAME: Free…

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A Dutch manual can be found at my site

a very nice initiative in deed. just too bad the menu stinks. :r

Yeah and you stinks too :4 … negative comment must b post on my emial adress… then we shall laugh :d

ok. but can you read?

CDF does a great job of keeping us informed about software releases. Agreed? You said yes didn’t you? I thought so! :slight_smile: Wouldn’t it be nice if some of the ppl that try or test the software give us a “thumbnail” review of their trial or test? By “thumbnail” I mean something short, sweet and meaningful. For example: Did the program perform as advertised? (Yes or No). If no, why (briefly) What are the pros and cons of the program? (briefly) Etc. Again, I’m not about writing a book here. Just a little feedback on your experience with the program… Short, sweet and to the point. What do you think?

eljay sounds good… and we are working on that. We only have 2 review’s from mp3 napster alternatives, but the idea is to create review’s for burning progs also. Unfortunately we don’t have the time to do everything ourselves so please help us out and make some :slight_smile: