CD media recommendations

OK, so before I bought a DVD burner I really didn’t consider the issue of quality and recordable CDs. Now I have some Memorex CDs that seem to lose songs on hot days, I have to wonder if maybe media is the issue. My drive is an NEC 3520A (running the IU.G firmware). I’m pretty happy with what I use for DVD burning (Verbatim +R 8x right now), what do other people use for burning CDs?

As an aside, are stereos out yet that play mp3 DVDs? Just curious, we were talking about that the other day.

Same as DVDs, Taiyo Yuden. Check out $26+shipping for a 100 pack of 52x TY CD-Rs. Kinda spendy as far as CD-Rs go but then again you know first-hand the price for going with cheap media. You might wanna try cleaning your laser though.

Yep. TY!

I burn my CDs on a CD Writer & use Verbatim Pastels (TY media) & the results are excellent. I have burned to Memorex - never again though.

I was at Wally world right after I wrote this thread and bought just a few Maxell marked “Made in Japan”. K-Probe reports as TY, I guess I was just fortunate. I still had some issues, though not the same, which makes me think I need to reinstall my burning software (don’t hate me, but it’s Roxio). Probably the more likely cause, or perhaps my player needs cleaned. I used to live in South Florida and didn’t have this problem and my older media is surviving, but it definitely did fry some of the newer Memorex disks. I’ve had both in the changer at the same time, and leave most of my disks in my glove box yet they’re fine. It’s been really hot here. Thanks to everyone for their advice! Sorry to ramble.