CD Media Question



OK, Just found out more then I ever thought was possible on blank DVD Media…

Now I’m wondering if there is the same sort of thing for blank CD Media. I’ve never had a problem with blank CD’s like I was with the DVD’s.

Are there different classes of media for CD’s as well? Is there a site with more information on this?

Thanks for your help!


There most certainly are different “grades” of cd media. I, Personaly, only use NON RE-BRANDED Taiyo Yuden media for both CD-R AND DVD+/-R. This after having problems with other brands.

Newbies probably would have been best forum for this thread, but even the parent forum to this one would have been a better choice IMHO. No offence intended. If you look up my posts, you will see that a significant portion of my posts are in the newbie area. :wink:

If you use Nero’s CD/DVD speed available here: and run the DAE Quality test on your AUDIO cd’s, you can get a good idea of how well the disk is holding up, and whether or not it is likely to soon fail alltogether. Using the transfer rate testing, you will be able to additionaly test the quality of each audio burn, as WELL as testing your data CD’s to make sure they are still reading well. DAE is Digital Audio Extraction, and so, can ONLY be run on audio CD’s. The Transfer Rate Test reads the entire disk at maximum speed and reports if that speed is falling off due to a large number of degraded sectors. This is evedance of either a bad or marginal burn, or a disk that’s begining to fail for other reasons. Certain drives, most noteably, Plextor, Lite-On and BenQ can also do PI/PO adn jitter testing.

Like I said, I’m a stickler for high quality highly reliable writes, which is why I stick to the T/Y media, which I only purchase through here in the USA. (Don’t know where on the globe you are.) Perhaps others might comment on some of their favorites, and additionaly, you might tell us what brand and model of writer you use. Different brands/models often do better with one type of media over another. From those suggestions, you can search for scans of that particular media and see how well it does on your particular writer.




Thanks so much for your help! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it, even if it wasn’t in the right forum, lol. I wanted to try and find the best forum to post, thoght this would have been it.

I am in the USA as well. So I’ll definitely look into RIMA and see what they have. I just ordered to sets of DVD Media from for DVD’s.

Taiyo Yuden White Inkjet DVD02X0100-050 Printable 8X DVD+R Media
50 pack


Ritek Ridata 8X DVD+R DVD02X0076-050 Media White Inkjet Printable 50 pack

I just bought a brand new Dell and it came with a NEC3450a DVD Burner and GCE-8483B.

I’m definitely going to check out that program, most of my CD’s are data very few music ones. Is that program easy to understand? What I mean is does it tell you if your CD is ready to fall apart?

Thanks a bunch, again!



Supermediastore is also a very good chice, though I prefer Rima. Excelent chioce on the TY media, adn arguably a good chice on the Ritek. (I don’t personaly buy ANYTHING Ritek after receiving a bad 50 piece spindle my first time using their media.) You know, it’s the whole, “dog bites me once,” thing. Alot of people like Ritek media, but even of those, they generaly like TY better. :iagree:

Have you downloaded CD/DVD Speed yet? Get that, and you can begin doing transfer rate tests. Here’s what a good one looks like:

Here’s one that I consider, “OK, but not perfect.” :

Here’s what one of marginal/poor quality looks like:

And this is what REAL bad looks like:

You’ll note a couple things. First off, these scans were actualy DVD media, but the CD’s look the same way. Secondly, I did have a problem with DMA settings in bios when I first set the drive up, (the bios is a bit unusual in this motherboard because of how many different chipsets it uses), and was running, in effect, in the wrong mode. You’ll notice on the last scan that’s failed, the part that WAS reading capped at about 10.5 X. That’s evedance of improperly set up DMA mode. Here’s another one that completed the scan but was also limited by not using DMA mode:

Now, knowing what you’re looking at, you should be able to do a few scans yourself. You’ll also notice that the boxes for seek times and CPU useage have no values in them. This is because generaly, I ONLY do the transfer rate test, not the others. (Pull down the “tests,” menu and you’ll see the option to just run transfer rate under there.)

Welcome to the wonderful wide world of being a CD-Freak!



Thanks so much, so basically your testing the speed and if it looks like the top one it’s pretty good… If the media is going bad, it won’t look like that I take it? Or it was bad media to start.

I think I’ll stick to the TY from now on. I ordered the Ritek first, then read about the TY which is why I placed two orders at once.

I’m gonna go to RIMA today and order some of those CD R’s.

Thanks again so much for your help.


One more question, maybe it’s dumb…

I see the test goes up to 16x. What if the media is not 16x? Does it adjust automatically?



The speed the media is rated at is the speed at which it BURNS. Absolutely NONE of the media shown here was 16X media. It will read back, however, at whatever speed the reader is capable of reading a disk at. The only place this does not hold entirely true is in the case of Re-Writeable media. RW media tends to read a bit slower than R or ROM as seen here:



I just ordered 100 TY CD-R’s from RIMA… THanks for the tip…

Here’s the first CD I test, I think I should back it up soon, whatcha think?

<IMG SRC=“”>

So if it looks like this it means the media is going bad, Or it was bad media to start.


Looks like it was probably problematic from the start. Put the same disk in adn click the button with the blue CD in it (Disk info), and post that result. (I’m betting it’s a cheap media) If you are still able to copy this one, and it’s your ONLY copy, I’d DEFINATELY do that!


PS BTW, you can just hit the little disk picture in the corner of the screen to save the file as a VERY small, “PNG” or “Portable Network Graphic” file.


Manufacturer : CMC Magnetics
Code : 97m26s66f
Disc Type : CD-R
Usage : General
Recording Layer : Dye Type 6: Short Strategy (Phthalocyanine)
Recording Speed : n/a
Capacity : 79:59.73
703 MB
Additional Capacity : n/a
Overburn Capacity : not tested

I can’t wait for my TY’s to get here, I need to do some transfering and fast! Is RIMA usually quick with delivery?


Here’s another CD I Just burned. How’s this:

Manufacturer : CMC Magnetics
Code : 97m26s66f
Disc Type : CD-R
Usage : General
Recording Layer : Dye Type 6: Short Strategy (Phthalocyanine)
Recording Speed : n/a
Capacity : 79:59.71
703 MB
Additional Capacity : n/a
Overburn Capacity : not tested

and here’s the test:

<IMG SRC=“”>

Whatcha think?


Looks a whole lot better. That CMC Magnetics media is defniately not the most respected though. Longevity is NOT the best with that stuff. Keep them out of direct sunlight for sure, adn actualy, the darker the location they are stored in, the better. Rima’s delivery times are very good. Fed Ex shipping.



I’ll use my CMC’s for others when they ask for a copy of something… LOL When I get my TY CD’s, I’ll use those for myself and transfer stuff over :smiley: