CD media price rising announced by Ritek

I just posted the article CD media price rising announced by Ritek.

According to a news published at Digitimes, Ritek announced a rise in CD-R prices due to a supply shortage in the CD-R disc market.It seems that CD media shortage is getting rather serious, because…

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There is no such thing as a “price rise”. Prices don’t “rise” spontaneously on their own. They are “raised” by the manufacturer.

OH NO…what are we gonna do…?!..well…let see…start using DVDr even more…YES…!

Well with mp3 decks in cars, only 1 disc a month…if that, is needed for me to burn 10 albums. and sometimes i even use a cd-rw. what else do we use cd-r´s for now a days?

CD media shortage because of DVD media usage? Now, that`s serious!

The CD-R media shortage has more to do with the fact that most major brands will not buy unlicensed CD-Rs, and Prodisc, Daxon, LeadData, CMC, and Moser Baer India Ltd., have all lost their CD-R licenses from Philips… so all the big brands are turning to Ritek and occasionally Taiyo Yuden to place orders (a few exceptions exist where licensing can be paid by the brand itself, like with Verbatim). So between that, and most plants reducing their CD-R production capacity in favour of increasing their DVDR production capacity, there is a VERY serious shortage of CD-R media happening.

But the question remains…will this hurt the us, the consumer?

The sky is falling !! The sky is falling !! :r