CD Media not present!

Hello, sorry if this post sounds stupid, im totally lost as to what has happened.

Ive been using a couple of TDK CD-RW discs along with Memorex CD-R’s to back up games and audio, most recently on Monday, but today when I inserted my blank media in the CD Writer its not recognised by the system (my computer shows no media) when I tried to backup some data using nero, clonecd and blindwrite I receive a message no media present, I receieved the same message with both TDK CD-RW’s and Memorex CD-R’s. Yet games etc. I backedup on Monday using the above media are playing okay. So I bought some more TDK CD-RW’s and some Verbatim CD-R media and they are recognised okay.

It’s almost like my system knows what media I have used before and has blacklisted it on my system. I havent yet used my new TDK and Verbatim media for fear of the same thing happening, only inserted in drive to see if recognised okay, which it was.

Can anyone explain why media that was recognised 2 days ago by the system was fine, is now showing a blank.

My cd-writer is a Liteon LTR48125S latest firmware, I also have a Liteon DVD-ROM 166S (latest firmware)



you are not the only one who suffers from this prob.:slight_smile:

A friends burner acts the same way.

Doesn’t recognise some media but, recognises others.

Try inserting different brand/manu cd-r into the drive & post your result.

You might try removing any packet-writing software from your system, it might be causing the problem. Or try launching the burning application before you insert the disc.

Thanks for the replies

how can I find any packet writing software installed, what am i looking for?

what am i looking for?

InCD, DirectCD, etc.

nope I couldnt find anything installed like that

you didnt accidentally enable the “hide cdr media” option in clonecd?

hi, no I un-installed clonecd yesterday as I thought the new version that I had installed maybe caused the problem, but I’ve never enabled the hide cdr media option.

Wahoooooooooo, finally sorted my problem out by moving the dvd rom drive to primary slave and leaving the cd writer on secondary master, all my blank media is now recognised, very strange that these two devices were conflicting like that though.

Thanks to everyone who replied and kept my mind ticking over with things to try.

Andy :bigsmile: