CD media breaks in drive

Hi …

Have a problem …

Some in a while, my CD drive, says “KLONK” and breaks the media inside, until now, only CD-R, has been broken, but it still sucks … the media is broken in 1000 pieces and there are plastic and silver bits everywhere inside the drive.
Never had this problem before, the media’s are “Mr. Platinum” usually a good quality…

Any Ideas ??

This hasent happened before installing XP, and getting a new CD-RW drive … could this occur because my new burner is 24 speed ?, causing problems on the disks ?, but why would this cause the media to break suddenly ?, and not right away ?

Anyone ever experienced this ??

Any help wellcome !

already seen:(

a couple of years ago in a 50X asus cd reader,during reading at higher speed (disc rotating at 10.500 rpm!!) he crash breaking the drive itself lake a small “explosion”

it’s very rare event due to mechanical micro-fracture of polycarbonate layer of cd

then…use helmet!:wink:

The same happened to me with my Original Baldur’s Gate 1 - Disc 1 on a poor and normal Creative drive.
It just started spinning and then…TTZZZ PAAA !!! Broken in around 50 pieces of various size…
Now i have the original Baldur’s Gate 1 CDs 2,3,4 but not the first and the drive is dead !! :frowning:
If anyone wanna give me a copy of BG disc 1, i would be happy…its not illegal, since i own it :slight_smile: (it’s true i bought it with planescape torment and icewind dale)…

Sounds like a real problem. If your drive is exploding CDs the first thing would be to try to get another one under warranty.

If that isn’t possible then I suggest doing a good cleaning of the inside of the drive. There are lots of places that a small piece of something can cause problems. I don’t recomend pulling the whole drive apart, you should be able to get allot of stuff out by just opening the cover.

While your in there do a carefull visual inspection of any moving parts. Particularly the spindle that the CD rides on and the plate that holds it down.

It may not be too easy to see damage or clean the drive, but it can’t hurt to try.

The final alternative is of course replacement. You have been lucky that it is only busting CD-Rs.

That is really odd that only CD-Rs would break. It may be something wrong with the 24X burner, but I can’t imagine what. The CD reader is probably spinning allot faster than the 24X burner so if there is any damage done to the disk while in the CD-R drive it doesn’t show up until you put it in the CD reader.

You might try doing a carefull visual inspection with magafication of a couple disks before and after you put them into the CD-R drive. Pay attention to the center of the disk. A crack there would probably be more likely to spread.

Since you are apparently working from the same batch of disks there may have been some kind of manufacturing error on the disks.


Some CD-R media is so terrible that some CDRom drives can’t read them at all! Your CD-RW drive will write onto them but when you put it in the CD-Drive the CD-R’s reflective property isn’t too well and the CD-ROM will strain to read it over and over again. The disc will spin extremely fast for a long period of time (If you ever put a cracked or damaged disc into a CDrom, you will know what I’m talking about). Soon, the CD-R will shatter because of physical limitations.

I’ve had this problem with Maxell and all CD-Rs manufactured by CMC Magnetics Corporation.