I know this is not the place for that kind of question but I saw a link up there…is this piece of soft. good!? any feedbacks? :stuck_out_tongue: is better than cloneCD or nero, feurio and rest of co.? I never heard for Cd Mate before :eek: tnx :slight_smile:

Hello again !

CD Mate ? A good, complete, well featured, reliable software, which breaks many known copy protections.
A kind of Taiwan mix of western Nero and CloneCD, in my personal view :wink:

Haven’t you noticed their rather agressive PR-campaign here @ Freaks lately ? They know exactly what they’re doing and are on the right track.

BoSkin my friend :slight_smile: u’r my guid. light here hehehe TNX! yeah I noticed their campaign that’s the reason why I asking hehehe. Reliable soft. u say…I’ll try It then :slight_smile: taiwan mix interesting :rolleyes:

If you just follow your guiding light
then everything will be all right ! :smiley:

Cd-mate does almost nero and clonecd can except it does not make vcd. i.e. making vcds from mpg files. Or so I think.

And it do not support CD-TEXT yet :frowning:

CD-MATE get’s my recommendation :slight_smile:

OC my component eighter (cd-text) so it’s not important at the moment heheh. I already installed it, nice UI :slight_smile: Tnx, u guys here are really hard.-soft. specialists :slight_smile:

What campaign?

Originally posted by FlyingDutchman
What campaign?
Look at the mainpage, on the right of it :slight_smile: