CD Mate vs. Clone CD

Cd Mate makes claims that their software is better than Clone CD. Has anyone tried it out? Is it better, worse or just as good? I’m gonna give it a try and will post what I think. I doubt it is better than Clone CD.

a.k.a. BlackAcidDevil

yes, it is really that good …
for most people ! A really interssting discussion about that matter you will find here:

Ok Here’s a quick run down on my system. 400MHz P2, 256mb ram, HP8200i (4x4x24), and Win 2000. I put my Red Alert 2 CD in my burner to read and used the setting for SD2 that’s in the options menu for read settings. Note my CDRW is not SD2 compatible! After 4 hours of reading @ 8x speed the CD image was only @ 2% complete. Clone CD would have been completed by then! Then I took my No One Lives Forever CD and tried it out. Clony 1.07 says it’s SD1 and ClonyXL says it’s SD2. So which 1 it actually is I don’t know. I’m able to make a 1:1 back up of NOLF using Clone CD without anything special like CDbeta, Insektors or Playbackup. I 1st tried Clone CD and @ 8x read it was at 10% in 5 min. Then when I tried CD Mate it wasn’t showing any percentage of completion after 5 min. If anyone can explain my results please do so. For now Clone CD is my software of choice for duplicating CD’s protected or not. I am buying an Acer 1208a soon for SD2 backups and will give CD Mate another shot, but I forsee no difference in results.

Thanx N.B. for the link it was interesting reading.

a.k.a. BlackAcidDevil