CD Mate v2.1.0.9

I just posted the article CD Mate v2.1.0.9.

Remember that CloneCD-alike program? Well, new version has hit the web.

What’s New:


1: atapi cd-rom identify!

2: logfile report more information.

3: cd-rom read speed display…

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Unbelivable!! :slight_smile: First time seeing a Taiwanese software developer making such a good program. Note that it actually reads SD2 way much better than CloneCD, maybe the days for CloneCD is numbered. There were some English typos in the program thou.

Can’t find a crack for it :frowning:

Go find it on the net…

Well I didn’t find it on but I did find it finally. Looks good. But will not read from my LG DVD player :slight_smile: Damn it.

I mean :frowning: