CD-Mate update now called DVD mate adds burning capability

I just posted the article CD-Mate update now called DVD mate adds burning capability.

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"CD-Mate has been reborn as DVD-Mate and some CD-Mate registered users seem to be able to simply upgrade to this new edition. Success doesn’t…

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:S and it breaks securom 5, starforce 3 and Tages ?

I can’t read the Ah Chen forums to find out! :stuck_out_tongue: It’s in Chinese!
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always loved this program…even if it is made by a weird company…even the forum ops don’t seem to know anything about it…lol By the way the tool is already 2-3 weeks old…even has somekind of authoring…but i didn’t test that yet

Installed, Really cool options and info of what it is doing… Even a graph showing recording speed… Further use will tell if is really good…

it is very good even burns bin without cue…never had a failure with this prog…but now they added dvd options. Didn’t try those

After a few burning… here it is my opinion based in experience… WOOOOHHHWWWW Smooth… Reliable… Works with my external USB enclosure where I’ve placed a Plextor708A… Other apps like Alcohol, Gamejack and NTI CD/DVD Burner disconnects my drive from the system… DVD-MATE DOES WORK LIKE A CHARM I can be wron as this is my first based oppinion… Sorry for my english but few of you speak PORTUGUESE… :slight_smile:

:c Can someone help, everything goes fine with DVD-Mate install but when I try to start it, it tilts in device scanning screen. Does someone have SCSI drive to test will it do the same thing for you ? Thanks for any help. And after tilt I have to reboot my computer.
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Well DVD Mate is good very good, but when writing Data DVD’s I need to remind you that the initial value DVD mate gives as the MSF value is wrong. you can’t write 540 min DVD’s 510 mins would be a more accurate value. simple calculation will prove this too 80 (minutes) / 700 (MB) * total emptry space of a DVD ± 4480 MB will result in a value around 510 minutes. example: 80/700x4483=512,34