Cd mate serial

Just as we are on the subject of serials, i will spend a short time discussing illegal serials for the community here!
I talked for a bit with one of the moderators in this forum about what harm publishing serials from websites can do, but i dont think it totally got through.
Yes we understand there are serials going around different forums and passed around through email and private messages, we do not like these at all but we dont actively pursue them.
What we dont like is serials published on websites as we are pretty sure this does the person that downloads it more harm than us as we are normally the ones that have to explain to people why things start to go wrong after the 30 days have elapsed even though they used a blacklisted serial to “successfuly” open cd mate without the nag screen.
Ill try to give you an example…
of the 138 people who downloaded the blacklisted serial from the home page of a moder@tor from these forums (
is that person going to explain to these people why their burning software is not working as expected! A disclaimer saying download at your own risk would be nice to go along with it.

60% of cd mate revenue goes straight into the further development of the CD Mate software, 5% goes to third parties in credit card processing fees,
and the remaining 35% goes into the development, maintenance, advertising, hosting of the website and our online support service.
We believe £20 is a small price to pay for a software that offers so much, like lifetime trouble free upgrades!
So if you must use an illegal serial keep it to yourself, as you only have yourself to blame if things go wrong and you wont have anyone asking you how can i completely get this out of my system.
The serial will display a successful registration but how long will it be before things start going wrong?

very true, well done with the content:cool:

GrEeTz FrOm ThE UK

Intended to reply to this thread sooner, but somehow never got around to doing it, so here it goes now.

Recently we have changed the rules slightly (read it here) to further legalise what is going on at this forum.

There is indeed harm in spreading serials (and cracks) of various programs (be it CD Mate, CloneCD, Nero, Photoshop or Windows), we all know that (just some don’t care as long as it doesn’t affect their own wallet :wink: ). CD Freaks does not want to be associated with those practices here on this forum and thus we have not only prohibited the posting of serials (and direct links to cracks), but also the requesting of it is no longer allowed (well, it wasn’t before, but it was not as clear as it is now).

Personally I have not tried CD Mate, but I hear you do a good job. So keep up the good work and should you have any comments with regard to this forum, do not hesitate to contact me.