CD-Mate Problem

Quick question for any CD-Mate experts out there. Whenever I am creating a new data or audio compilation, if I add too much data or too many songs, cd-mate just closes. Bam, its gone. This has happened a few times for me now. Can’t understand why. Dragging songs or data into the cue window, and the program just closes. Has anyone else had this hapen to them? I am using a Lite On 40x, Win 2K, Athlon XP 1800, 512 Ram. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

what cd-mate version, if lower than 2.2.5 10, update it

While CdMate is quite a good cloner, as a compiler, specially for audio compilation, it’s a real piece of no good waste of time.

Get yourself something decent, like Nero or VOB or NTI, anything…