Cd mate freezing

When i start up easy cd copy under xp it freezes???

Can someone help me

Okay, would you tell me how the error occour and on what platform with what setting and on what hardware and what other software you have installed that’s possiblly affecting this?

Sorry, please tell me.

sorry m8 been out of town for a week due to work:-(((

os is wn xp build 2600

amd 1gig tird 256 ram 20gig 7200rpm maxtor, 60gig 5400rpm maxtor hd, plex 16/10/40

other burn soft : nero, clone, cdrwin, mp3cd burner and diskjuggler

it’s freezing @ startup

please help???

if you need more info youst ask maybe we can talk over icq???

i would realy like to use the proggie cause if i can believe you all i does everything what my other 5 burn proggies does???

Can someone help me

You may have gotten a black listed serial #. :Z

This guy talks all about it in another post.

Or search this forum for “cd mate serial”