CD Mate Deluxe 2.2.4 (build 26) Released

CD Mate is the only needed piece of CD writing software you will ever need"

Easy: people of all ages will be able to burn a CD
Powerful: the ability to build any kind of CD
Compatible: ability to import/export file format from/to other application, and utilize device units released by various manufactureers
Complete: one investment for all purpose, free, life-time update
CD Mate is a functional burner software with all the general features provided by any other burner software, such as different modes for Data CDs, Mixed Mode CDs, and Audio CDs. It also supports multiple CDRW writers and the RAW Write feature. This software is easy to use, fully functional and requires only a limited amount of disk space. It is undoubtedly your best choice.

In addition, this burner software is incomparably powerful and convenient for creating music CDs. Users do not have to extract audio tracks and convert them to WAV files or convert MP3 files to WAV files with any other tool or software. By using CD Mate, users can have all these conversions and disk creation done at once.

What’s difference between CD Mate and many other CD writing software out there?"
Support more CD formats than other writing software; duplicate more copy-protected CD titles: 11 powerful copy methods to break anti-copy protection!
Read CD-ROM images from many formats that other programs use: *.ISO; *.BIN; *.CCD; *.CUE
Most hardware supported: funded as a media duplicator manufacturer, wide ranges of hardware were tested
Custom CD’s creation supported: i.e. bootable CD’s, MP3 import filters, and CD audio extraction
Various writing methods supported: TAO, SAO, DAO, and RAW-DAO mode - state of the art in CD writing
Designed to suit different needs: environment with multiple writers supported, general and professional mode provided for all beginners and power user

Ability to read/write from/to RAW disc images
All modern interface supported: IEEE 1394, USB v2.0 & v1.1, IDE-to-SCSI, PCMCIA Write using various modes: TAO / SAO / DAO, and the state of art RAW-DAO writing mode (Sub Channel 0/16/96) Various format supported: Data CD’s, Audio CD’s, Mixed Mode CD’s, CD-Extra CD’s, CD-G discs and Bootable-CD’s are easily created CD image files are now easily created, using state of art RAW read technology OPC code setting and ISRC and UPC code reading supported Detailed information about CD-ROM drives and CD writers is displayed; you can always get complete system information through diagnose function Up-to-date utilization of Buffer Under Run protection supported: SeamLess Link, Just-Link, Burn-Proof, Safe-Burn, Exac-Link, and Power-Link
Over Burning supported to reach CD-R/RW’s capacity limit
80min, 90min, 120min CD-R/RW supported
Laser power calibration for safer burning session
Fully support CD-RW standards: fix or undo, Packet-Write read and Write Configuration of up to 16 writers supported: burn to many drives simultaneously Real-time MP3 conversion: import MP3’s directly onto an Audio CD Bootable Data CD supported, even a bootable Mixed Mode CD Audio CD extraction: extract audio off CD, save data tracks as CD images in ISO, RAW and various formats Simulation mode: for fail-safe burning session
Burn to CD On-The-Fly: reading directly from source CD and write simultaneously Multi-byte characters supported in long filenames
Deal with illegal TOC easily - various reading methods provided
Online update - Receive FREE up-to-minute update
Autorun feature for CD-ROM drives may be disabled during burning process for safety burning General and professional modes provide both beginners and advanced users a customized, comfortable environment

great product!

Any link to the program?

When will the spellingmistakes during the setup be changed?
It looks unprofessional.

I am further very satisfied about it.

Originally posted by Namoh
Any link to the program?

This is an official link too the offical homepage, it is against the rules laid down by the Forum Manager to provide you with a Keygen etc. So please don’t ask, that way you won’t be offended!

You will further note from reading the article that it is able too make working backups like CloneCD. I have checked and it has a box that can be ticked called SAM (Sector Amplification Mode) just another term for AWS(Amplify Weak Sectors, as used in CloneCD)

Greetz from The Diplomat :smiley:

Originally posted by Namoh
Any link to the program?

Here’s the link to the CD Mate website. And here’s the link to download v2.2.3.8 of CD Mate. And finally, this is the link to patch v2.2.3.8 to v2.2.4.26 beta.

This is a great program and I highly recommend it. Buy a copy for yourself, and one for each of your friends! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: