CD Master Clone vs. CloneCD

I just posted the article CD Master Clone vs. CloneCD. has an article about CloneCD compared to new software that should do the same; CD Master Clone. This software still needs the right hardware, but according to the article is easier to…

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CD-Master clone for stupid newbies you meant!!! I began with clone cd and after a little reading of help topics, I could use it fully. Waiting for interesting tests! W.

Now why the fuck would someone want to buy a program that you don’t even know if it is gonna work with your hardware… sheeez! And you can’t even try it first to see if it works??? And let me get this right, your steering newbies in this direction??? Oh! I get it now. They are the only ones who would buy this stuff… Yep your right!

For all the german speaking people, read this test on PC-Welt: For the rest, here is a short version of the test results from 23.10.2001: CD Master Clone is a bad joke (!). So, go ahead and (don’t) buy it!!!

CloneCD with ClonyXL is the best copy-software pack on the market You can get right now.NO problems at all. Make perfect back-up’s of any game. :4

Where can I get it? The best way to find out,