CD Mailers?



I want to send CDs by post but am confused about the quality and cost of the various CD mailers on the market.

Could anyone advise on an appropriate mailer that combines the best of quality and cost?


Stick it in a jewel case, put in in a padded envelope and mark it FRAGILE. If you use one of those cardboard box foldable things from the post office, make sure you tape it up. Remember that postmen are thieves, it’s in their very nature so if it’s important get at least recorded delivery.

This post while whole in earnest may have been half in jest, so hopefully someone else with more knowledge of the range of mailers available will be able to help you out. Are you sending out a large volume of CD’s to a lot of people?


Inside a jewel case, in a padded envelope sprang to mind for me, too. I received quite a few CDs packaged this way from eBay sellers, there was no damage.



You can actually get little carboard packages now specifically designed to take a jewel case. Usually they are inthe post office amongst all their other packaging stuff. I think they are “PostPack” or something similar. I have never had to use them, but have used the larger ones to post things and found them quite sturdy.


I’ve used those, but I don’t feel safe using them as you may as well write “Steal Me!” on them.

Sorry, I’ve had much money and other things go astray in the post before…


Put the CD in one of those thin plastic sleeves cover disks used to come in. (Or if you don’t like that idea a plastic clam shell case is even better.)
Stick it in a jiffy bag.
PRINT the label, but remember to put something like ‘Fragile Photo CD’ on it.
Put a return address label on the back, but instead of your name something like ‘Photorama’.
The more professional you can get the labels to look, the better.

I’ve sent loads out like this and not had one go missing.


Don’t use clam shells. All the discs I have had in clam shells developed little cracks at the hub rim, not a good place to have them. Since then I have never used them.

dog considereing I have had a recorded delivery PC disappear in the post, and padded envalopes and bills, nothing is going to give a promise of protecting from loss or theft.


Thanks for replies everyone.

I want to send out lots of CDs but want to keep the costs down. I have seen cardboard mailers referred to as ‘Amps’ and ‘HMS’ on eBay with the latter being much more expensive than the former for some reason. They seem to stick down with high tack glue and require you to rip off a perforated strip to open them.

I was thinking of just sticking an address label and stamp on these and popping it in the post thus avoiding the cost of a jewel case and padded envelope - never thought of the sticky fingered brigade!


If you are going down the large quantities road you would be better of checking out stationary wholesalers.