Cd made by plextor px-4012A are not being read by my lg dvd rom

Hi guys i am having a problem - some cd i am doing with my plextor are not being read by my lg dvd rom??

Why is that?

Thanks in advance

what format ?

It was written in raw mode - dao and has a secure rom protection

Thanks for your help

Can’t the disc be read at all or do you mean the back-up won’t play? Can you read the disc in the Plextor drive itself? What was the title you copied? The latest SecuRom protection can give you some problems backing-up. It could that something went wrong or your LG drive is simply a crappy reader :wink:

it was read fine in my log and in my borthers cd rom drive - i copied soldier of anarchy

Since your brother’s CD-ROM can read the disc it seems to me your LG DVD-ROM drive is being picky. You can try using high(er) quality media and/or burning at a lower speed. Does that help?

i will try i did but burn other cd with that media at same speed and got no problem i.e they where read fine with the lg drive

  • also checked cd with nero cd speed cd check and everything is ok