CD Lockdown - Suncomm releases MediaCloQ 5.0

I just posted the article CD Lockdown - Suncomm releases MediaCloQ 5.0.

Sunncomm the same company that brought you "Charley Pride’s Album - Tribute To Jim Reeves first to be copy protected and later sued because a consumer was not aware of the copy protection on the CD…

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it is probably already cracked!

how could it be cracked if there is not any cd released with Media Cloq 5.0 on it?? I live in The Netherlands and i have never seen a cd with Media Cloq on it :slight_smile:

Regardless. If you can listen to it you can distro it. It will just take an hour instead of 10 min to encode.

there’s no one protection 100% always secure, if this is made by the man always can be cracked :slight_smile:

CD Freaks should make an extra page, solely for the news about copy protections, it’s like there are new protections made every day, and the same number cracked a day afterwards. You can just see how well educated those Marketing people of the copy protection corporates are. I mean, they can still sell copy protections and EVERYBODY knows they don’t last a week…

i’m gonna put in my web my experience with the cd protection if you want to know, in this moment i’m only have 1 review about home copy protection

Hmmmz… if you can listen to it, you’ve cracked it :stuck_out_tongue: Just place a cable from your cd-player to your line-in in the pc, and start recording… The qualtiy will be bad the first time you try, but you can try with other types of cables and such…