CD Light Is Disco'ing

:confused: Hi all. First time post for me. My problem is that when I play a cd in my drive the light flashes and I hear a click as it plays. It seems the flash and the click are in tempo. Any advice appreciated.

Post hardware questions in the hardware forum. If you know the brand of your drive and there is a corresponding forum, then post it in the hardware->(your drive’s brand) and you will likely get a more satisfactory response than the standard “don’t post hardware questions here”.

beames39 it seems your drive is having a disco. i suggest u throw it away. ps if this isnt a joke question im sorry :frowning: :bow: lol, im learding 2 post questions


don’t tell new people there stuff is damaged (or to throw it away) that fast
Might confuse them…and they actually buy new stuff.

bcn_246 i know you are a bit young but try to behave, this isnt a playground. This is last time i spend time on you :wink: