Cd lead out burn error ... essential data ... how can i recover it?

i have a cd that has essential data on it … the problem is that i burned the cd and there’s an error … i’m pretty sure the lead out didn’t write properly.

my hard drive crashed and this cd has data that i need to access.

there are 2-3 folders on the cd that will allow me to access them. i’ve downloaded these folders to my new hard drive.

however there are about 10 other folders that i can’t copy … i can get into the folders, it will give me data about the files size, etc but it won’t let me copy them.

how can i get around this problem? i need this data, but i can’t copy it … is there any way of solving this problem?

any good advice would be welcome …

Try Isobuster or UltraISO.

thanks for the tips polluson … i’ll give them a try!

Not to diminish any hope of recovering the files, but…

All the information about the files and folders (size, date created, date modified, etc…) are stored in the first few sectors of the disc. This is usally the ISO-9660 file system data. This data tells the OS all about the files and where they are located on the disc. This does not indicate that the files were ever written in the location pointed to though.

Good luck. I hope your files are there.

well, richman that’s the strange thing … i can read the cd … it tells me folders, folder sizes, image and file numbers and sizes … a few of those files i’ve even managed to retrieve.

if the info stored in the first few sectors that you mentioned were corrupt, i wouldn’t get that information … or only parts of it. i can view folders, but i can’t copy the files.

if worst comes to worst, i just hang on to the cd until better technology comes around … cut my losses and wait it out! lol