CD Lauryn Hill


Do need a patch to copy the cd: the miseducation of lauryn hill. I've tried without, but every time I try to copy I get an error.


you want to backup it ?
i’ve mp3’d the whole cd without problems
write wav data to your hd, then write a cd from it.
create an image
try an other cd reader
i have a plextor an sometimes it can’t read a track of a cd, then i use my toshiba reader
and it always works fine


i used audiograbber…no probs at all…then i burned it with cdrwin…




I did CD 2 CD …

burner/reader : plexwriter/ultraplex

and i burned it on a 80 min cd … no probs …



Don’t THINK You Can, KNOW You Can


I burned it 1 on 1 with a 2x recorder (ide)
no probs


I got an error too. The cd label shows 14 songs but there are 3 bonus tracks pushing the cd length over 74 minutes. Since I don’t have a burner that supports overburning, I had to leave the last 3 tracks off.