Cd laser etching Yamaha CRW-F1EB10

Is there a product out there where as I can burn a data cd, then go back over it and etch part of the data with the laser in effect making the etched part of the cd unreadable.
I have seen one product but I do not know if I can burn over written date the product is the Yamaha CRW-F1EB10, if anyone has any information on this device or anyother that may help it would be greatly appreciated.

It should be impossible as the data has already been physically burned into the dye, even if you could the disc colour has already altered after the data was written the first time so you wouldnt see any difference anyway, the only way i can see it working is if a more powerful laser was used to burn over the data but i cant see it working tbh

Perhaps if you will share what exactly it is that you wish to do. Are you just trying to destroy the disc?

Well the Yamaha drive will only burn images, text, etc. on the unused part of a finalized disc. It will not let you go back over what has already been burned.

Kwkard is correct…I owned this drive myself. What are you trying to do, render the disc unreadable? I’d suggest the microwave for about 5-10sec. on high, should take care of things quite nicely.