CD Labels

I’m not certain if this is the proper forum, but I’l give it a try.
Regarding CD label software I am using Roxio Label Creator.
Some time ago I did download some nice Jpgs that were already formated as a CD template. I have numerous jpgs that I would like to use as CD labels, the problem is when I insert the jpeg
Roxio does not convert it into a round jpg, it remains square and I have to resize it to reach all edges of the round CD.

When I use dark images the outer circle and inner circle are sometimes difficult to see.

Does anyone know of a program that can convert square jpgs into round ones that would be the same size as a cd. Did a search on Google but can’t find anything. Any suggeations are appreciated.

Dunno about these, but maybe they help:


Thanks for the links, however, these are labeling programs.
I have several label programs, what I need is some sort of
of jpg editor, or template that can convert or resize any jpg so it will be round and the diameter of a CD

Many people don’t like Roxio but I have never burned a bad CD with it. What I like about it is after burning the CD you can transfer the contents right to a label. Just wish it could make an imported jpg fit to disk. Memorex makes a CD label program that has that ability, and I do own it, but it’s merely a label maker and not burning software.

It sounds like Nero’s Cover Designer is better in this regard, then. If you import a bitmap, then, if you resize it to cover the entire background of the disc, the bits that won’t print are greyed out, so it’s fairly obvious what will print.