CD Labels

Does anyone use labels for their disks? Or is that a big no-no.
If not what does everyone use to mark their CD’s? Sharpie? how much info do you put on the disk?

Thanks for helping a newbie

I think this should be in the Newbie forum but to answer your question I use a sharpie. Easiest way to do it. Almost idiot-proof.

This question has been asked many, many, many times before. Try using the search button in the newbie forum first.

Black Sharpie rules, but new Metallic Silver Sharpie is freaking awesome.

This question has been asked many, many, many times before

I hate to disagree with you, but when I searched “CD Labels” only 25 threads came up and even fewer -like none- answered my question. I wanted to ask the experienced people. I still did not get a true sense of how most members feel about adhesive labels on their CD’s. It seems to be mixed.

Also nowhere was it answered as to how much info is entered on the disk with the sharpie. Song List? Title? Artist?

Originally posted by tase2
only 25 threads came up

Need I say more? Your original question pertained to the effects of cd labels on the cd and whether or not one should apply labels on the CD. If you read some of those thread you would have noticed that your question was answered.

As for the question of how much info is needed on the label well let me check my manual “Industry Standard Label Guide” for more info… hmm, according to the guide, “It is up to the individual user to decide how much info is placed on the disc. The purpose of the label is to help the user remember the contents of the disc and therefore is unique to the memory of that Individual.”

/me addes another mark on the big book of mindless masses who can’t make their own decisions.

WOW do you guys suck. Do you always make newcomers feel so welcome? What’s the matter can’t you guys get laid?

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