CD labels the evil Neato PLUS

Ok so I got some what I tohught were full coveage DVD covers…no it jsut had to be soemthign new from neato and they wont give out the templates so I am looking all over the palce for soemthign that writes to these damn things from core lable to the cover lable I am rather pissed at all of this but soemhow I know its all my fault LOL to bad nero 7 dosent have this in it that would rock Nero is idoit proff CD/DVD labeling L

BTW while I am here are there any FUll rip/transcode programs like Auto GK but that…well…work? L auto GK is nice but it misses the main moive and gets other thigns with the main moive killing the subs timeing ><

I wouldnt reccomend putting sticky labels on dvds, as this can put them off balance, and stop them from working completely. If your incistant on using labels, and need a template, go into neros cover creator and select cd.

Absolutely correct…the worst thing ever invented for cds and DVDs. If you want a really professional label and have the moola then go and buy an Epson or Canon printer that prints direct to disk. Otherwise, stick with the old felt-tipped pens. I’ve become quite a little artist with these over the years…but that’s another story…!!! :bigsmile: :wink: BTW…Welcome to the forum…no lions here! :bigsmile:

Absolutely. Disc labels are evil! I won’t even use them on DVDRs, had too many CDRs go south back in the day, through using labels.

Yea You can go to printing the tops or use a Light scribe,But do not use lables,they make the disc shudder and in time will wipe the motor’s berrings.