Cd labeler and printer problems >:(

im haveing problems with my printer it wont print the pricture on the labe in the right spot :a it miss it big time for some odd reason it started this a few days ago so i thought it was the printer which is a HP deskjet 3745 so i set the allingemt still didnt fix it so i try another labeling software with no luck i try it on a 2nd pc still dose’nt work so i take it back exchange it for a new one and guess what same freaking problem so i went back again got another and ill be damed if it still dose the same thing :a :a :a i dont know what the hecks going on it never did this untill a few days ago it always printed them fine i never seen such a thing so this b4 only to conclusens i could think of eather

A. it has to do with the USB cable or
B. i use ink carts that i refiled i would h8 to have to buy new ones and it dose fix it i always refilled these in the past with no problems

so what do u guys think?

update i found a brand new color cart i got awhile back tried it same problem so it has to be the dam cable or im cusred one of the 2

cusred or cursed i think. seriously, though maybe you selected a different layout or offset in the publishing program

o no i tryed to dif progs same problem as well on 2 dif comps i even uninstalled and reinstalled the software for the lables with no luck and i never even messed with the settings on the lable software.

If you are using the calibration parts of the programs correctly then check the paper size you are using, make sure it actually matches the labels. Also make sure you haven’t got any weird settings selected in the Printer settings (Zoom, instep,etc).

the thing is it worked fine about 4 days ago never had no problem with it doing this no all sudden it starts doing this i set the adjustments on the printer which there on 0.00 on right and 0.00 on top i miss around with them and useing a ruler to line it up and it shows to be perfect at 0.00 and 0.00 so i print it on a plane paper to test it and it prints 1 quter of a inch down which is the same as were the labe start 1 quater of a inch down so i try with a label and it miss big time gose like 1/2 inch down but it only dose this on the labels not on plane paper or the back of a lable paper its odd i cant figer it out :frowning: so im returning the printer and buying a totaly dif kind and hope it fixes the problem

Remember to get the " . " (point) in the correct place, as this happened to me.

its a curse cause i set it just right i print on the back of the label sheet prints out perfect so i trun it around to the label side print it the same way with the same dam opitions and it prints like a 1/2 inch higher then the labe but on the back side of the same sheet it prints perfect and ive tryed 3 dif printers a 3570 a 3574 and a 7450 all hp’s all same problems :a

Are you actually putting it in the right way up? The label shets I use hve an arrow pointing in the direction that the sheet is to be fed into the printer. I saw it by accident as it is not printed nor does it stand out to much it is just cut into the sheet like the labels are. I tend to stick the labels on the disc and print straight onto the disc using my R200.

yeah its not that cause it worked fine all the time b4 im useing the memorex labes the 3 lables in 1 and it seems to work 1/2 the time now some times it prints way off other times it prints good i dont know whats wrong with the thing maybe i just need to try a non hp printer

well i formatted the comp and used a dif lable prog and a new hp printer/scanner and for the most part it prints fine but it has did the off labeling a few times and im am stuped to why it dose it but at least its very rare now :slight_smile: