CD label printing

Is there any way to get an authentic looking label printed onto a DVD? I am using an HP printer and Memorex Label sheets… but one can tell that the label is a stick on . Is there printing equipment you can buy to print on a label that looks like it actually is a real DVD? Like in a real DVD you can not peel the label off.

I think ya’ll know what I’m asking ! :bow:

I suggest you don’t use labels on discs: they cause many problems.

The only way to do what you want is to use printable discs, and a printer able to manage them, like epson R series.

The result will be very similar, but it can’t be identical to pressed discs.

Ive read many reviews (on -stop-dont shoot me-lol) that the little tray that the cd’s sit in becomes flimsy and stops working properly after a time? Thats what stopped me buying one of those printers… :frowning:

If you are not in the US, canons print on cd’s too (they have problems too but not as bad as epsons). You can make a tray or modify an epson tray and hack your printer to get US model canons to do it if you already own a canon. I never got mine to work reliably (probably my homemade tray was too crappy). The problem with the epsons seems to be the tray itself. Epson has suposedly exchanged the tray under warranty for some people that had problems.
you might also want to google “thermal cd printer”. You will run across ones that are very expensive (thousands of dollars) but mixed in there are some cheaper ones (starting at around 100$, maybe less) like ones from casio, teac, primera etc. MAybe they would be more what you are looking for. I’m not sure how expensive they are to run though?

Actually I don’t know. I haven’t read of similar problems, but I don’t have a printers of this type, so I’m not able to answer :frowning:

I use an epson r300 for printing on my dvd’s. The tray doesn’t really ever get flimsy, but the underside gets “worn” from where the print rollers pull it through the printer when it prints the cover. Eventually, the tray wears enough where the tray wont “pull” into the printer because of this wear. Solution is to buy a new tray ($20 ebay) or give the tray a gentle push when the printer starts.

Now for the good news…my tray didnt wear to the point of replacement until I had used it print over 750 dvd covers! So for the money I believe they are highly efficient as compared to anything else that is used and needs replacing…like ink cartridges…for example.

Oh and by the way the epson print cd software is very good and produces excellent covers, providing the image you start with is high quality.

I called Epson and my tray was under warranty.
They sent me a new replacement tray. The original tray had flimsy clear plastic lead. The replacement tray had a thick black plastic lead.
I also emailed Epson with a request as to where the tray can be purchased.

They sent the following reply.

The part(s) you require may be purchased from one of the following Parts
Distributors. The part number you require is #1401409.

NOTE: Not all parts on your unit are User Replaceable and the unit may
require service.

National Parts Depot
31 Elkay Drive
Chester, NY 10918
Telephone: 800-524-8338
Fax: 800-331-4829

Compass Micro, Inc.
436 S. E. 91st Avenue
Portland, OR 97216
Telephone: 800-388-8595
Fax: 503-408-8726

Vance Baldwin Electronics
2701 W. McNab Road
Pompano Beach, FL 33069
Telephone: 800-964-2237
Fax: 800-552-1431

If you require further assistance with this particular issue, please ensure
all of our previous correspondence is contained in your reply, so we can
better track the history of this issue.

If you have a different issue, please submit another E-form via our website
(, and we will respond in a timely manner. Thank you
again for contacting Epson.

Fyi, epson r300 refurbished on sale for 49.99, no rebates at fry’s electronics (it is in the ad that starts sun for instore at least). For that price I think I’m going to get one (non US parts to convert my US canon would cost 50$ alone).


I bought my refurbished R300 at Fry’s for $69.99 - $20 rebate in Sept.
Everything worked great except for the tray problem that appeared after making about 100 CD/DVD prints.

As I said earlier, I called Epson up (the refurbished had a 3 month warranty) and they sent me a replacement tray free (still under warranty). Since then I’ve printed many more CD/DVD’s with no issue on tray slippage. It looks like the new tray design is more durable than the old design.

This printer is great. Now the only issue is getting printable media. 100 Ty’s +R cost me $52 at Rima. The -R’s are cheaper (for some reason).

I’ve since purchased Verb’s 50 for $17.99 at MicroCenter. They aren’t as good as the Ty’s, or non-printable Verb’s (for some reason) but still good media.

The thread did start looking for “real looking” discs and became to cheap solutions: if you want a good label, with colours and everything else to make it look like a commercial, get a good printer, good discs and…don’t underestimate the ink side…use one that doesn’r wash out if it gets a drop of water.
Obviously, you can also get a sublimation or a laser system - – maybe too expensive compared to inkjet . The inkjets you get from manufacturers as repaired tend to be older models that use inks that don’t guaranty a long life to the labels you are so pride of when you get them+

if you don’t care about getting a 99.99999999 quality score and only a 95-96 QS the printable linkyo from supermediastore are prodiscS04 and burn pretty good for the price (.25 -.30 ish). otherwise the burnmaster (TY) media from allmediaoutlet is still cheaper than rima’s prices

I would think that a spray coating like they use with photographs would seal the printable side just fine. You can get it at most artist supplys or some photography supplys.

I picked up one of the refurbs at fry’s but I’m a little skeptical about opening it. They have a sticker on it that says if you open the ink cartriges, you have to pay the cost of new ink cartriges or you cannot return it. Considering the ink cartriges cost more than the printer, I’m kind of screwed if I get a bad printer. How am I suposed to even try it to make sure it works without opening the ink cartriges? Does anyone know if epson has local waranty service centers like canon does if the printer is bad? I couldn’t find waranty info on epsons site?

Im Just curious if any of you epson users have tried this software.
It is suposed to be able to reset the ink on some printers (not the r200/r300), but it is suposed to be able to freeze the ink counter on the r200/r300 so it never shows as running out. Has anyone tried it or anything similar?

Doesn’t Fry’s give you a 30 day warranty?

You have 30 days to return, but there is a sticker on the box that says, if you return it, you must pay the replacment cost of any open ink or toner cartriges. So if you open it, try it, and it is defective, you have to pay for the ink cartriges which cost more than the printer, in order to return it. Basically its non returnable once you open the ink to try it.

I just opened it to check it out (havent opened the ink yet). I looked at the cd tray and it is curved a bit (not totally flat). It that what everyone elses is like or is it suposed to be completlly flat?

First image is replacement tray sent by Epson.
Second image is original tray that came with R300.

Original Tray only lasted about 100 cd/dvd prints.
Second tray has lasted much longer, and still going strong.

My tray looks like the new one, thats good. Thanks a lot for the picture. I have decided that I will keep it and try it. I’m just not sure if I will open and use the original epson carts, or order cheap compatibles and keep the epsons sealed (not only so I can return or exchange if I have problems, but I’ll have epson carts should I need waranty service). Knowing how impatient I am, I’ll probably use the epson carts. I wish I could find cheap compatible carts locally.


I would caution you on using cheap compatibles. From what I’ve read, this is usually what causes the printer to start having problems (clogged print heads, etc).

You can buy a multipack (all inks) at Sam’s for the R300 for around $60.00 (I know this is more than the printer).

I’m still using my original inks after about 300 DVD/CD prints. I’m guessing I’ve used less than half the ink.

The key I’ve read is not leaving the printer on when your not using it.
When it’s on, some ink is used to keep the heads ready to print.
I just turn the printer on when I’m ready to print, and shut it off when done.

I was thinking of using abacus compatibles. Back when I was into photography more, many people said the abacus carts for canons were very good quality. Looking recently, a few say the abacus epson carts are good too (the few people I have found so far that use them) and have not heard anything bad. I have ran media street through my canon i850 for 4 years |(maybe more) before it died and have been runing it through my ip4000 for a year, so I’m confident in trying aftermarket ink. Granted, I’m looking at some riskier inks with the epson to stay cheap (rapid refill ink maybe since I can get it locally, though I know nothing about them). The way I look at it, if I make it through one set of compatible cartriges, I have already saved as much money as the printer cost, anything else is gravy. Even if it dies after a couple sets of cartriges (which would be quite a short life for a printer), I have saved much more than a replacment printer costs.