CD-KEY problem with PJ King Kong -> Starforce

Following is my problem:

  • installed the game with the iamges of the CDs

  • cd-drives deactivated

  • started the game PJKK with the image of CD1 with Alcohol -> RPSM is ON

  • entered the CD-KEY

  • after ca. 5 minutes i get this message


  • but the KEY is 100% right



PS: I do not have SP2 for WinXP

Does the game run with your original CDs?


Have u installed SFCure? I think not, in Alcohol it cant start without SFCure.

Or insert the Image in Daemon Tools 4, it works great if the Image is correct.

YES without any problems.

I get this message instead of SFcure.
Is it possible for you to write me exactly what to do…


  1. Disconnect your CD/DVD drives
  2. Mount Image with Daemon 4
  3. Start game, it should start.

I think your DPM is not good enough, I have sent u my MDS Files which are working.

Should i use the MDF Files of the Original CDs or can i use the MDF files of burned CDs?
The MDS files i use are by Blazkowicz. -> Thx
I have the German Version of this game, but when i install the game with the MDF files of the burned CDs it does not work.
After installing i disconnect my drives manually.

Is it right to restart the PC to install the Straforce drivers?

I use Daemon Tools 4 to mount the images.
The KEY is 100% right but i always get the error message (“CD key seems to be wrong… BLABLA”)
I do not have SP2 for WinXP.

Where is my mistake ??? :bow: :bow: :bow:

Use the MDF Files of Original CDs.

Please try to install SP2 for WinXP, I do not know if it works when installed, but I have installed SP2 and it works.

I would say that MSD files contains bad DPM data.


With the MDS files which I have sent him the game runs very well at my computer, so the MDS files are OK.

Is it possible that my old Alcohol version (1.9.2 Build 1705) is the problem?

Yes, it could be. Update and try.


what it is when i downloaded the game i installed it then i had to typ in the serial key R6F5T-TTR7B-FAYFW-C5RC9-RTPFJ after iv typed it it took less then couple of minuites then the game was working after i played it for 2 days
i didnt wanna play it for i while so i uninstalled it then after 2 weeks i wanted to play it again so i installed it again used the same serial as was written there after couple of min it says the serial i entered is not the right serial i dont get it i played it with that serial last time now am tring to play it again it wont let me please help and give me guide am only having proble with the serial key if you have 1 please send it on the post reply or email is please

Can someone send me the MDS files for the game. I’ve got the same problem.

Please help me :bow:

OK I have the 3 images of the 3 cd’s of the game…The first image is an .mdf file but there is no .mds file.Also i’ve unplugged the physical drives,mounted the first image with dt4 entered the serial and after a minute of checking it gives me an error that the key isn’t correct!!What the **** am i doing wrong!!!Please help me.Also if anyone thinks that the problem exists cause i have no mds file please if you can send me the right one at nethwka@msn.comThanks.

Then you didn’t make the image yourself and it’s clear tha tyou don’t have an original disc. Buy the game! :cop:


I ALSO INSTALL FULL GAME LIKE U , ialso have same probelm tell me tht disc key plzzzzz


i install ful game i mount again 1st disc for play then dextop show me shorcut of game and it need disc key what is this? key plz tell me

Please have a look at Post #15.