Cd jumps and jerks



hey guys i burned about 3 cds on my rw the first 2 i burned at 54x speed and the last 1 was at 8x speed the problem is that while playin the cd it jerks and jumps i have used different cdrw brands and shutdown my startup programs while burning, i have a p4 with 3.2gighz and 760mb running winxp home edition using nero ultra 7 i dont know if it’s nero thats the problem if u guys have any ideas please let me know.


Maybe to find out the sweet spot for your media, otherwise i’d try some Taiyo Yuden media or Verbatim Pastels(the same).


If they’re Audio CDs as opposed to MP3 CDs then try Burrrn ( I’d always use this in preference to Nero , especially V7.

It’s free & worth a try.

For some burning at 16x (or thereabouts) works.

The CD-R that [B]rapid_fire[/B] recommends are the best I’d recommend (I’ve several hundred of the Verb Pastels) but the Verabtim Super AZO are just about as good & perhaps easier to find.